Friday, 22 October 2010


Switch on the television at 11 PM on weekdays, and turn to Star Plus. The channel airs a show called "Kali" which is partially based on the Ruchika molestation case [The Ruchika Girhotra Case involves the molestation of 14-year-old Ruchika Girhotra in 1990 by the Inspector General of Police Shambhu Pratap Singh Rathore]. If someone says that what happened with Ruchika was something completely inhuman, and if Rathore is made to pay for his deeds in a befitting manner then we would be ensured that justice still exists in our country, I would definitely agree with the person and would wholeheartedly support the court's decision.

But, when these stupid media people and serial producers/directors mess up the whole idea of why a woman should be respected and what chivalry basically is... I just feel like smashing their heads off and making them scream that they were wrong. lol.

Seriously!! If a woman behaves very badly (like the lady who was taking a lot of footage in a local news channel by hitting her husband as he had an extra marital affair) matters need to dealt with a different point of view in mind. In my opinion, it was really right on the behalf of the woman to hit her husband, but to shout all the abuses and to repeatedly hit him in front of them camera was exaggeration.
It is not right if the law prefers women over men. Many findings of a commission show that 97% of the anti dowry cases that have been registered ever since the law was made till date, were false.

Those were only trials to make the in laws pay for no reason at all. Law is supposed to deal with everybody in an equal manner, but the Indian system has not guaranteed this. There are many takes on this situation. Some may call it a failure of the government, some may say that it’s just because the law makers are ‘brainless’ and yet, some may claim that it’s a change that has been ushered in with the new generation.

There have even been instances in my town where people have used some female relative of theirs to make false claims that one (the one against whom they want to cast revenge on) had laid his hands on the woman. A false rape case follows, and such claims are generally made on the Friday night which precedes a second Saturday and Sunday.

So, tell me don’t things need to be changed? And chivalry HAS to be pulled down?? Chivalry ko maaro goli, equality ka jamana hain!! :P:P:P I don't want to hit a woman or torture her, or deny her rights. I just wanna advocate equality for all, not only keeping females but even males in view as well.

I would like to add that things have to be, and need to be changed. The way gender equality's concept is dealt with in our country is not at all correct. Look at the logo of the National Rural Health Mission>> A girl child holding the hands of her parents. FUCK IT! "Hum do humare do" idhar kyun apply nahi hota, haan?

Ek ladke ko bhi chance de do toh badi meherbaani hogi, dearest government of India!


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