Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Why I dislike Maths...

1. It dates back to my fourth standard when I had a horrible teacher. I hated him and thus, Maths hated me. lol
2. In class 5 I had a teacher who taught Hindi, Maths, and General Knowledge. I always felt like kicking her on her FACE and changing the way she looked. But, as I scored above ninety in all the examinations I didn't bother to do so.
3. Class 6th>> Beginning year of Algebra and other important branches of Mathematics. We had three different teachers in that year. The first one was an a*****e. The 2nd one was great, but didn't last for more than 2 classes. The third one was very good at memorizing stuff as she used to follow the guide books by heart.
4. In standard seventh, I had a very good Maths teacher. I loved the subject.
5. I loved other subjects more than Maths, and hence got only 90% in Maths as compared to above 92% in others (Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit).
6. Class 9th mein we had three different teachers. The first two were awesome, the third one was BEKAAR. All he did was bhaashan baazi.
7. After class 10th, I never liked Maths. I just want you guys to encourage me so that I do well in the subject now.


  1. So r u saying tht even whn u disliked the subject, u still chose Maths after 10th? :P

    well even I was avg in Maths.. I used to take it like puzzles.. luv solving them to find out the answers... so all Math probs are like that, u jst need to develop the curiosity to knw the answer urself. ;)

    dnt think over ur dislike fr it too much take.. jst take it easy.. it shd be ok fr you.. :)
    All the Best

  2. Thanks for the comment, pal! :)

    And yes, I still do have to work with Mathematics. Ugh!!

  3. you dislike maths.. and you still got 90!!! :(
    tht's baad :P