Friday, 8 April 2011

My land and its People.

As a kid, as a teen or whatever... Throughout my growing years, my love for my country and the people who are its inhabitants has always seen a rise. I have never ever seriously disliked anything about my motherland, except for one 'thing'.

You may wonder what I am talking about. Is it the diversity in our country which at times makes us fight among ourselves? Or is it that I am pissed by the government officials who are corrupted to the root? The poverty? Illiteracy??

Nah! To your question, I have a question in return which bears the answer you're looking for.

Is being gay such a big crime?

What is the only solution that parents can lay their hands upon when it comes to a situation where a father is hit in the face by the fact that his son's gay? Is taking him to a psychiatrist a solution? Is making an attempt to straighten him out a good idea?? Well, these questions are not to be answered by me for I have little to no experience in these matters.

Let's bring the society's angle in. Being gay is bad. Being gay is BAD! YES, being gay is BAD! What my brother told me one night when he came to know about my orientation was, "You can be anything you wish. You can become a murderer, a drug addict, a thief or anything. But, please...! Save us the humiliation and for God’s SAKE don't be a HOMO!"

Was it my fault that I was born this way? Or, was it my fault that I grew up to be gay? Or is it my fault that I prefer men to women?

The attitude that my brother and the parents/friends/relatives of many gay guys display towards this 'issue' is sure to make the gay guy feels that whatever may the situation be, the fault is ALWAYS his.

And.. I dare not talk about the religious side of this issue! Hmph..!


  1. India has come a long way in term of accepting sexual diversity...while the issue in the personal lives of a few people are still left to be solved...i do believe there is hope...even in such cases, i don't think ppl detach their own family members...ur brother would come around eventually! :)

  2. Undoubtedly India has come a long way and we should be proud of that! There are people who support gay rights, and who don't fear to tell the country that being gay is perfectly normal.

    But still, the society has to change. Majority of the people still have a primitive (for the lack of a better word) mindset.

    Thanks for your comment, sweetie. :-)

  3. yes.its sad that india hasnt yet got used to the fact that being gay is normal. i wish our parents become more educated bout this


    Yes! I wish..! You know, when I was a small child one of my teachers told me that 'education is a life long process'. Now, I can truly understand the meaning of that line.. Had our parents/the society kept their minds, eyes open to understand, learn, search for the truth then the world would have been a better place.