Friday, 22 October 2010

Lakshmi Puja!

A very happy and prosperous Lakshmi puja to everyone! I really want the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity to bless each one of us today so that our lives get filled up with joy and all the worldly pleasures which at times are capable to sustaining a human being.

Of late, I have been very very attracted to the religious rituals which are performed during a puja. Durga puja of this year has passed away, and it's Sharad purnima today. This day is considered auspicious and is said to be the brightest night of the entire year!

Goddess Lakshmi is said to visit the home first which is the cleanest and where the most hardworking people reside. So, in a way this festival teaches us to maintain our houses, lives and every avenue where we set foot with utmost care. Special attention should be provided to relationships and family. Bad feelings shouldn't be allowed to accumulate in one's mind as they won't ever lead one towards progression.

Happy reading! And do leave me a comment, please..!

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