Saturday, 26 March 2011

GO! KILL yourself..!

Hi readers..! It's been long since I posted.

Exams are over. They are done with, and all I would say about them is they weren’t as bad as they could be! I feel like a loser. A loser who has lost everything, one who couldn’t be even average in one-damn-fucking field!

Now, I am wondering where I stand and where I am heading to! Life isn’t treating me well from the past few years. I have been steadily losing out on my entire forte and converting my weak arenas to strong ones is far from something which is possible. I have been in a relationship (screw you, virtual world!) and I’ve been going uphill to downhill, downhill to uphill ever since last December. 2010 didn’t bid a fair goodbye to me! :’(

Wish I had a magic wand! I would have waved it, and made all of my worries disappear. I know, the very idea is childish but when one experiences such extremes in his/her life alternatives like this are sure to crop up. May I too get a “lift”. May the almighty bless me, so that I score well at some field. I would be at least able to console myself saying that ‘Yeah... here’s something which you are good at! Keep working and you would be fine.” But ah! No such luck for me!

The image below expresses exactly what I feel..


  1. Ur in a slump...we've all been there once in a while...soooo what u need to do is tough it out...things will get promise InshAllah! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Phunkie. >:D< Means a lot, you see..!

  3. I meant to say things will get better...I promise InshAllah!

  4. wrote a long comment.... google didnt allow me to post that!!

  5. Stupid google!

    But I'm happy that you took time to read it..! *huggles*