Monday, 20 June 2011

The Soap Operas

It's been a crazy year for me! Exams, travelling off to far off cities, returning and studying. The cycle never seemed to make me feel like it's gonna cease itself. And, to top it all I am not even done with it yet..! I have a long way to go!!

Anyways, I have decided to be more serious with my blog and to update it more frequently than I did before. And, starting this with a positive view in mind I bring to you a steaming, brand new post:


Yeah, they have seriously improved themselves a lot over the past two years. Ever since the change came in with the typical "K" factor going into the garbage bin, we Indians have seriously been blessed with some watchable, entertaining drama. Serious issues are now brought out into the open; they are dissected, discussed and dealt with in a proper manner.

Now, to put the icing on the cake and to provide this post a relevance to the blog I write, let me discuss the gay characters of Indian soaps.

We never were lucky to be blessed with gay characters. I agree that there used to be characters like MADDY in the popular show Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin (the desi remake of 'Ugly Betty'). But, those characters were never given a serious plot. Nor were they discussed properly. They were just laughing stocks of the viewers.

The first non-feminine, non-swishy and non-girly gay guy that we got to see on our Idiot Boxes through a Hindi soap was that of Shaurya in yet another cheap remake show Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani. The guy who played this character was cute, and his plot was dealt with somewhat seriously. Sad that it ended soon enough before it even blossomed.

But the good news for the Indian gay guy is that a popular, bold soap which airs late at night in one of the best Hindi channels has a gay character. And unlike Shaurya, he is a main character. And his plot HAS TO BE DEALT seriously. They can't let it vapourise all of a sudden. The guy who plays the character of Gaurav, the gay guy (whoops, so much of G!) is actually a ruggedly handsome guy. I don't find him very appealing, but nonetheless he is sexy.

I am gonna enclose his pic in this post for you guys to feast your eyes on..! Have fun, and do comment on this earnest effort of mine..

See ya!


  1. Yeah He Is Kinda Handsome!! and Hawwtt!! I jus really hope that this character is taken seriously and the gay plot isnt dropped all of a sudden!! And The Sad PArt Is My mom doesnt watch the show,, i wish she did!!Its A Great Steo Firward And I Hope It Inspires Other Shows to include gay characters too!!!

  2. Risshh!

    Welcome, darling..! It's your first official comment on my blog. And, since I have made a promise to myself that I need to bring about my blog's resurrection, a better sign than your comment signifying that I will be able to make it happen can't exist!

    And, yes I agree..! I want them to take the plot seriously. They have to deal it with maturity and keep the petty boundaries set by the society behind. Let the show become a hit, who knows even our parents may end up watching it then?