Monday, 18 October 2010

Let it be...

The story which I have been writing for quite some time now has been left incomplete, and I am really sorry for that. Writing has always been something which I do only when I get inspired by something or the other, and nothing so special has happened in my life lately which would make me continue with Here comes the rain again. But anyways, since it's the time of the year when the Durga Puja festivities have just ended I would love to wish my readers a very happy year ahead. May the divine mother bless all of us and may our lives be filled with joy and prosperity.
I got a unique chance to visit almost every major city of our state during the puja festivities this year. Lavish decorations, endless lines of devotees made me cheer up as I came to know that people still exist who believe in God and wait for the festival for 12 long months.

Now, I am looking forward to Lakshmi Puja. Many of my friends are actually unaware of the fact that I have a lot of faith in the traditional methods of worshipping God which is followed by the practitioners of Hinduism.

So, guys... I would end this note with an apology. Please be patient and wait for my next update on the story. I know you guys will! *hugs*

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