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Now, I can swear that this is gonna be one of the most sensitive topics that I have dealt with on my blog. But, there are certain things which you can't avoid. You can't just ignore them!

And, the topic of girls is such.

The simple law of nature is the unity of the opposite sexes. Coitus, maithun or whatever you decide to call it. A boy falls in love with a girl and hence starts a joyride of life. They enjoy their time together, they emerge through problems and grow stronger all in the presence of each other.

The twist when it comes to us is that we never are meant to have such a connection with the opposite gender. No doubt in many cases a gay guy is the best friend a gal can have, and in many cases it's like the understanding which is worked out between the two surpasses the one between two girls. Yes, that can sound surprising to some but it's indeed true.

When I was in the ninth standard I used to be a very happy kid. Life was taking on new hues, and I was growing up as it was the beginning of a phase of transition. I enjoyed school, scored well in exams and topped my class, had a lot of friends.

Then POOF! appeared a girl out of nowhere who said she was in 'love' with me! lol.

She was a new student in our class, and was for some reason (which became evident later!) was ignored by every girl in the class. I was the class monitor back then and I used to feel bad for her. Come on, won't you too feel bad for someone who's new to a school and has no friends? So, when she used to ask me for my notes I would help her out anytime.

Slowly and steadily things started moving further. There used to be a group of girls in our class who were branded as 'bad girls' and they unfortunately weren't allowed access to the matters of the bright students. I had some friends among them..!

And one day, one of those BAD GIRLS came forwards and told me about the feelings of the girl who used to be ignored by all towards me. I took it as a joke as people rumoring such stuff was very common in our school.

Then Miss Ignored came to my home one day. My mom and my bro weren't at home and were out of station. I was with dad..! (Phew!) She came and stayed the entire evening with me. She expressed her feelings for me and I was like WTF!

I tried telling her that at our age it's very normal to have such upsurges which may appear to be love, and she seemed to acknowledge it all. But, it turned out that she didn't understand a single word of what I told her and she rather kissed me on my cheek before she left.

My my..! Without asking I got so much of attention!! Kiss? That too on the first meeting? From a girl?? Eww! I wish I could have avoided it all! But, alas I couldn't.

Later on, it turned out that she really was a mental case and had a knack of approaching a guy herself. Oh boy! Did I forget to mention that she used to gift me cards, chocolates and candies everyday? HECK, where does a guy enjoy all that? :O One of our common friends was shocked and she said that in our case the reverse of all that is accepted is in effect. Rather than the guy gifting stuff to the gal (which is widely the custom in India) the gal gifts stuff to the guy! I really need to thank my stars that she didn't figure out the "missing" element in the so-called, one-sided relationship!

Now it stays with me and reminds me forever that I am gay.


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